1996年 福岡市にある音楽専門学校にて講師としてジャズギター及び音楽理論等の科目を担当。

2003年 NYに渡り現地のミュージシャンらとセッションを重ね、John Abercrombie・Gene Bertonciniらに師事。以降断続的に渡米を繰り返す。

2004年 1stアルバム「LightUpTheSky」を制作、九州・山口ツアーを敢行し各地で好評を得る。

2007年 LAの名セッションギタリストAllen Hindsの福岡公演に参加。

2008年 NYにてJoe Martin(B)・ Bill Stewart(Ds)を迎え2ndアルバム「The Starting Point」を制作。

2009年 NYからMatt Clohesy(B)・Mark Ferber(Ds)を招き、「西鉄ホール」でのコンサートホール公演を含むリリースツアーを行う。

2010年 アキコグレース(P)・Matt Clohesy(B)と田主丸「そよ風ホール」にて公演。

2012年 NYにてDanny Grissett(P)・Matt Clohesy(B)・Mark Ferber(Ds)を迎え3rdアルバム「RespectiveDestiny」制作。同年Randy Ingram(P)らを招き「西鉄ホール」などを含むリリースツアーを行う。

2018年 NYにてAdam Birnbaum(P)・Matt Clohesy(B)・Mark Ferber(Ds)を迎え4thアルバム「Green,White,Heart…」制作。同年レコーディングメンバーを招き「電気ビルみらいホール」を含むリリースツアーを東京・九州各地で行う予定。




Shusaku Yamano Bio

playing guitar at the age of 15.
During high school years, he was playing guitar in a rock band. After
entering college, he joined a jazz group and started playing jazz.

Upon graduation, he started his professional career at one of the most
popular radio station in Japan NHKFM and begun his regular gigs at
jazz clubs in Kyushu and Yamaguchi. He played with world class
musicians such as John Tropea, Lew Marlini, Keith Carlock, Walter
White, Chris Hunter, Lew Solof, Chip Jackson.

1996 Became a faculty member at Fukuoka school of music in Fukuoka
where he teaches jazz guitar & music theories.

2003 Traveled to New York and played sessions with professional
musicians and studied with John Abercrombie and Gene Bertoncini. He
has traveled back to New York constantly ever since.

2004 Released his first album as leader ‘Light up the Sky’ and followed up by his tour in Kyushu, Yamaguchi. He built a greatreputation from the tour.

2007 Joined LA based guitarist Allen Hinds’ concert in Fukuoka

2008 Recorded his second album ‘The Starting Point’ with Joe Martin on bass and Bill Stewart on Drums at the Clinton recording studio in NewYork.

2009 The starting point tour 2009, Invited New York based bassist Matt Clohesy and drummer Mark Ferber and toured several cities in Japan.

2010 With Akiko Grace on piano, Matt Clohesy on bass, he made a successful concert at Soyokaze hall.

2012 Produced his third album ‘Respective Destiny’ with Danny Grisstt on Piano, Matt Clohesy on bass and Mark Ferber on drums recorded in New York.

He currently performs mostly his original tunes and his own arrangements of standards with his trio besides solo, duo and his quartet performances.

He plays his own straight ahead jazz sounds in his contemporary playing style.